Our Services

From dynamic canvassing programs and multi-modal voter registration efforts to scaled relational organizing, we help campaigns win by building smart, efficient programs that allocate resources to where they’ll be most effective.

Strategic Program Development & Planning

The RFS team has designed and managed some of the largest campaign, organizing, and grassroots mobilization programs in the nation. Leading President Biden and the Democratic National Committee’s historic organizing effort in 2019 and 2020, we helped rewrite the playbook for how to register, persuade, educate, and mobilize voters in real-time. 


We don’t just provide you with services–we work hand-in-hand to help your team grow, evolve and learn. The RFS team works with clients to:

  • Clearly define their strategic goals

  • Determine how to most effectively utilize budget and resources  

  • Design and implement innovative, efficient programs 

  • Deliver results, whether that’s registering new voters in a battleground state or leading a national advocacy program

Organizing Program Design & Management

Every campaign and organization has the opportunity to run an effective grassroots organizing program, regardless of size, scope, or budget. We build and execute both volunteer-driven and hybrid programs that are tailored to each campaign's needs and resources, and are prepared to be implemented in both COVID- and post-COVID environments. Our services range from basic program design to full staffing and implementation solutions, working alongside your team on a day-to-day basis.

Dynamic Voter Registration

Revolution designs and implements extensive, dynamic Voter Registration (VR) programs that can help to transform the electorate in communities big and small. We excel at traditional site-based and door-to-door VR programs, but also work with partner firms to develop and implement layered efforts that include digital and mail capabilities. Our VR programs are built simultaneously on both quantity and quality. We implement a comprehensive quality control process to ensure the form is valid, complete, and accurate. 


RFS also builds unique programs that include extensive follow-up and contact with each newly-registered voter, including in-person, digital, mail, and phone contacts. Extensive data from recent cycles clearly indicates that consistent engagement and communication  with individuals after they register significantly increases the likelihood that they ultimately vote. We design customized programs that build in planned engagements with voters beginning immediately upon their registration being completed. 


The RFS team has knocked on more than 4 million doors in communities large and small, coast-to-coast. We recruit, train and mobilize local canvassers who have a unique understanding of their own communities, and how to effectively communicate the campaign’s message. Every canvasser goes through a comprehensive interview process; receives extensive training, re-training and on-the-job feedback; and is held to the highest standards of qualitative and quantitative accountability. When you work with RFS, you can rest assured that your campaign or organization is being well-represented at the doors.  

Relational Mobilization

Our newest innovation, RFS has developed the most comprehensive, scalable paid relational  mobilization program available, allowing campaigns to turbocharge their voter engagement efforts by hiring locally and utilizing organizers’ personal and community networks to register, engage, and mobilize voters. Our program allows campaigns to achieve multiple forms of engagement and multiple objectives via the same individuals. Not only is the effectiveness of each contact significantly greater than in a traditional program, but the cost per contact is significantly lower.


RFS recruits our relational organizers locally, so they bring not just a personal network, but an intimate knowledge of the community. Relational organizers match their personal networks to the campaign’s file, and are then supplemented with voters and unregistered members of her/his/their neighborhood and community. RFS and the campaign identify clear objectives for each individual being targeted, which can include registering (or re-registering) them to vote, signing up to vote by mail, getting them to commit to vote, or simply having a conversation about a candidate or key issues. Most importantly, the organizers contact the individuals in their personal universe through a variety of channels where they’re most likely to reach them–calls, texts, direct messages on social media, or stopping by their home. All data is tracked and tagged back to the campaign’s database. The result is a multifaceted program driven by impactful conversations that lead to tangible results. 

Signature Collection

As the number of ballot initiatives and petitions continues to grow with each election cycle, signature-gathering has become an integral part of issue and electoral campaigns everywhere. RFS provides extensive training, oversight, and quality control, internally verifying every signature collected by our staff.